They completed their education to start a new career!

We are so excited and proud to introduce our recent graduates from our Fairview Heights campus.  All the time and effort they put into studying has now begun to pay off.  Congratulations to you all and good luck! From Left to Right Front Row:  Tyanne W. (Medical Office Specialist), D. Rene' C. (Medical Assistant.), T'Keyah [...]

Allison’s answer on how to plan for a career change.

Our Administrative Specialist student, Allison S., was asked "How to plan a career change?" and this is her response: "Planning a career change is a giant step in unknown territory. Therefore, don't only choose a new career because it sounds fun and awesome, make sure your heart is in it 100% and is reachable. [...]

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Krystal’s answer on how to plan for a career change.

"How to plan a career change?" "My main advice would be to research ALL aspects of the career that mainly interest you. Job growth and job openings is a must, when considering a career change. Most career counselor's can help find the information you need to make a well informed decision. Secondly, it's important to [...]

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Coty’s answer on how to plan for a career change.

"How to plan a career change" in the words of Medical Assistant student, Coty K. "Having recently made a career change I would say the first and most important step would be look at your resources, and ask yourself these questions; does the career I'm interested in require schooling? Do I have the funds and [...]

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Ashley’s answer on how to plan for a career change.

When asked, "How to plan a career change?" Network Engineer student, Ashley P. responded: "when planning for a career change, you should look into what qualifications and experience will be required for your new career path. In IT, there are certain certifications required for most positions. Research what you will need to do to [...]

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