Throwback Thursday – 4/23/20

THROWBACK THURSDAY IS HERE! Here from 2015 we have the Medical Assistant classes and Medical Office class at the annual field trip. Where are you now? We would love to hear from you!!! Let us know how your doing on our Facebook or Instagram accounts or leave a comment below.

Education Tidbit – 4/22/20

WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY EDUCATION TIDBIT...Are you attending college? If you've been looking for free apps that will help with note taking, homework, research, study tools, flashcards and more then look no further! Here's a link from laptopstudy.com that has 100 apps to help you with your college life:  Best Apps for College Students

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Tech Tuesday – 4/14/20

TODAY IS TECH TUESDAY! Are you now working from home? Attending school at home? Maybe you need to utilize Microsoft® Office but you don't have it on your home computer, have no fear for here are a few ways for you to be able to use Microsoft® Office products for FREE! See the link below [...]

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Medical Mondays – 4/13/20

MEDICAL MONDAY IS HERE...Whether you buy a first aid kit or put one together, a well-stocked first aid kit is a necessity in every home. See the link below from the Red Cross on what they believe you should have in your first aid kit:  Anatomy of a First Aid kit

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