Tech Tuesday – 6/23/20

TECH TUESDAY IS HERE! Here's an article from that gives you some everyday tech tips. From how to make your old laptop work new again, smartphone settings & features and how to build a smart home:  8 Tips to Get More from the Tech You Use Everyday

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Throwback Thrusday – 6/4/20

THROWBACK THURSDAY! A look back to 2015...these MA students were learning how to do throat cultures. Where are you now? We would love to hear from you!!!  Let us know how your doing on our Facebook or Instagram accounts or leave a comment below.

Medical Monday – 6/1/20

MEDICAL MONDAY tip is here: The below article is from There are many beneficial tips included in this article. How much is enough sleep? What are the effects of sugar on the body? Gut health and many more items... 27 Health and Nutrition Tips

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