Education Quote – 3/31/21

Looking to start laying the foundation of your new career. We at CALC can help you. We offer different programs ranging from Medical, Information Technology, Retail & Hospitality, and Administrative skills. Contact us today to see where your future can go.  📲 To learn more about Christine Gregoire, click here.

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Tip Tuesday – 3/30/21

The 2021 job market is like no other any of use has ever experienced. The pandemic has shifted how all aspects of a workplace function, including how jobs are filled. In an article by Forbes staff writer Lisa Rowan, learn 6 practical tips you need to look for a job in a pandemic.  🔍 CALC [...]

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Program Spotlight – 3/29/21

Are you looking for a career where you get to help people, have ample job opportunities, and the potential for long term job security; then you should look at our Practical Nursing program. Our nursing program was ranked #2 in the state of Illinois for 2020 (see article here). So now is the time [...]

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Congrats Jacob on Passing 1001!

Meet Jacob. He just recently passed the CompTIA® A+ 1001 Exam and is halfway there to get his CompTIA® A+ Certification.  The whole CALC Community is cheering for you Jacob!  🎊 🎉 If you want to be like Jacob, check out our Network Engineer program.

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Educational Quote – 3/24/21

Everyone wants to better their life, but you may feel you don't have the energy to start.  We here at CALC believe you have the courage to take that step in bettering your life.  Contact us to start you journey of success!  🗺️ To learn more about Ellen MacArthur check out her website. [...]

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Program Spotlight – 3/22/21

Introducing our Retail and Hospitality Program!  This program is for those that have been working in the retail and hospitality and want to move up with their employer.  We work with local business so see if yours is one of them.  Check out our Retail and Hospitality page to learn more.  If you have [...]

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Jan ’21 Perfect Attendance

Let's give a round of applause to the following students who had perfect attendance for January in our Fairview Heights Campus.  Keep up the excellent work!  👏 This could be you, Contact Us today to learn more about our programs.