Education Quote – 4/28/21

Are you passionate and diligent about wanting to learn a new career but unsure where to begin? Then let us be your guide! We offer a variety of different courses in different disciplines. So go to our program page to see which one is right for you. Then Contact Us to ask additional [...]

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Tip Tuesday – 4/27/21

It is hard to keep track of all of your doctors instructions, recommendations, and medications. As a result of this, most medical offices offer a system known as a Personal Health Record (PHR) to help you be active in your care. To further explain PHR's check out the article from the Mayo Clinic [...]

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Program Spotlight – 4/26/21

As a medical office specialist (billing and coding) you will ensure that patents are charged for their treatment and submit a claim to the insurance company for payment. Along with those duties you will also be the point of contact for patients that need to make payments and assist them in understanding payment [...]

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Newest Fairview Students!

  These are our newest medical assistant students (Lathisha, LaToya, and Sirena) at our Fairview campus along with their instructor (Ms. Ella). Welcome to the CALC Community, we know you all do great!  🎊 🎉 If you want to be like them, check out our Medical Assistant program.

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Tip Tuesday – 4/20/21

Either you recently worked and/or you or your kids studied from home and created a home office. To help keep this space organized, read the following article from HGTV on some steps to take. If you have a home office, but haven't really used it why not use it to study one of [...]

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Program Spotlight – 4/19/21

An administrative specialist is not just someone who assist executives in performing their job, they also ensure the office runs smoothly. They also are usually the "face" of a company as they are the ones clients first speak to usually. If you like to help people, build relationships with clients, and keep things [...]

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Best of Fairview Heights for 2021

We are excited to announce that CALC has been selected for the 2021 Best of Fairview Heights Award in the Colleges & Universities category by the Fairview Heights Award Program. We are extremely honored to be the winner.  Click here to see the full press release.  We appreciate all in the CALC Community who [...]

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Inspirational Quote – 4/14/21

We are ready to help you with your education in one of our many programs. Let things you learn from us be the start of your continuing journey of learning in life. So contact us today to learn more about CALC and our programs. Want to learn more about Nido Qubein, so check out his [...]

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