Helpful Info – 7/30/21

Ready to have you kids head back to school?  Need some ideas for doing your back-to-school shopping?  To start with check with your local school for required supplies for the upcoming year.  Next check out the article "Back-to-School Shopping: Clothes, Supplies, and More" by Jennifer Wolf.  Finally, check for sales and tax holidays to help [...]

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Staff Spotlight – 7/29/21

This week our staff spotlight has fallen on Lucas.  Lucas is an instructor for our Network Engineer and Administrative Specialist programs.  In fact, you can find him usually helping students or helping ensure our computers are working at our Fairview Heights campus.  While only being with CALC for 6 months, he has already made a [...]

Words of Wisdom – 7/28/21

Have you faced setbacks in life recently?  Although it seems almost impossible, you can get back up.  In fact, for those setbacks in career we can help.  Whether it be through learning a new career or brushing up on your current one.    First, check out our Programs page to see all the ones we [...]

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Welcome to CALC – 7/26/21

Introducing the newest members of the CALC Community.  Chyriah and Brittany recently began down their path to learning to become Medical Assistants.  In fact, they have already made an impact at our Fairview Heights campus.  So, from everyone at CALC, welcome and good luck.   We look forward to seeing you both achieve your dreams. Contact [...]

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Throwback – 7/24/21

Our way back machine has taken us this week to July 2015.  This is the time of the Great Water Balloon Showdown between our Medical Assistant and Medical Office students in Fairview Heights.  Not much is known as to the cause of showdown.  But legend says it was over the proper pronunciation of anesthetist.  All [...]

Helpful Info – 7/23/21

When was the last time you changed your passwords?  Actually, if you are like most people you probably have not since you created your account.  According to most cybersecurity experts, passwords should be changed every 6 to 9 months.  In our Network Engineer program this is just the tip of what you will learn.  So [...]

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Words of Wisdom – 7/21/21

Have you told yourself that you could never learn a new skill?  We are here to tell you that YOU CAN!  Here at CALC, our programs are geared towards adult career changers like yourself.  To begin with, check out which of our programs captures your interest.  After that, Contact Us to answer any questions you [...]

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