Program Spotlight – 8/31/21

Are you looking to get into the high demand field of nursing?  Then our Practical Nursing program is what you have been looking for.  With our Practical Nursing program, we will prepare you to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).  In the first place, you will have instructors that have years of real-world experience to [...]

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Courtney Earns First Cert!

  The CALC Community would like to congratulate Courtney on her first certification.  In fact, she now has a certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist - Word.  Not only did she complete the necessary studies but also has begun preparing for her next certification in Excel.  Courtney is one of our Administrative Specialist students at [...]

Throwback – 8/28/21

The way back machine is staying at our Fairview Heights campus this week.  We jump back to June 2015 where we can see some Medical Assistant students learning CPR.  However, they will not just CPR, but also how to give injections, draw blood, and much more.  Not to mention they will also use these skills [...]

Staff Spotlight – 8/26/21

Our featured staff member this week is Ella.  Ella is a Medical Assistant instructor at our Fairview Heights campus and has been with CALC for 13 years.  Therefore, she has help many of our student become in demand Medical Assistants over the years.  Furthermore, she has helped make our Medical Assistant program one of the [...]

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Words of Wisdom – 8/25/21

Are you looking to make a new start in a new career?  Then check out all the Programs we have to offer.  Here at CALC we don't just teach you the basics of a career, we will inspire you.  Our goal is to guide you on your educational journey to make positive changes in your [...]

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Program Spotlight – 8/24/21

As technology continues to advance, career opportunities in Information Technology (I.T.) will grow.  Thus, our Network Engineer program give you the knowledge to work in the I.T. field.  To begin with, our program will introduce you to different fields within I.T.  Additionally, our courses will prepare you to take industry recognized certification exams from CompTIA, [...]

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Welcome to CALC – 8/23/21

Introducing Elizabeth, the newest addition to our Medical Assistant morning class in Alton.  Although she has just started her educational journey, she is making great strides in learning her new career.  Currently, she is in class learning medical terminology and procedures.  However, she will soon move into the lab where she will have hands on [...]

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Throwback – 8/21/21

After refueling the way back machine, it is time to get some fuel for ourselves.  Thus, this week, the way back machine is taking us to a potluck at the Fairview Heights campus in March of 2017.  As you can see there is plenty of food for our CALC Community and ourselves.  Additionally, students from [...]

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Helpful Info – 8/20/21

Does your day feel like it drags on and you just don't have the energy to get through?  If you answered yes, then you are not alone.  In fact, most people experience a slump in energy during their day.  Therefore, you should check out "10 Way to Boost Your Energy and Feel Rejuvenated Throughout the [...]

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