Halloween 2021

Wishing all of the ghost, ghouls, and fairytale creatures a Happy Halloween!  Although it might be tempting, try not to eat all your candy in one night! Looking to learn more about Halloween, its past and traditions?  Then click here. Want to make sure you have a fun and safe Halloween this year?  Then check [...]

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Info for You – 10/29/21

Are you ready for all the ghost and goblins sighting this Sunday?  Either way, Halloween is just a couple days away.  Therefore, check out "The Ultimate Safety Guide for Halloween 2021" by Emily VanSchmus.  This will help ensure you have a fun and safe Halloween this year. Also don't let the kids be the only [...]

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Words of Wisdom – 10/27/21

Have you been telling yourself that you will continue your education later?  If so, let later become today.  We here at CALC can help you learn a new career.  Even if you are unsure of what you want to do.  First, check out all of the different program we offer on our Program page.  Here [...]

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Program Spotlight – 10/26/21

Are you looking for a career in the medical field that doesn't always have night or weekend hours?  Then medical assisting is for you.  As a medical assistant you will play a crucial role in patient care.  Taking vital signs, giving injections, and recording patient info are some of your duties.  Additionally, most medical assistants [...]

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Congrats Ivon on Word!

Ivon is now certified in Microsoft® Word.  This is her third certification.  Although she was a little unsure of herself, she passed with a high score.  Therefore, moving her closer to becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist: Expert.  Congratulations Ivon! Would you like to get certified in Word or another Office program?  Then you should check [...]

Throwback – 10/23/21

For this week's blast from the past, we are heading to 2016.  Although you mainly see our Practical Nursing students with their heads in a book.  They do on occasion get out of the classroom and have some fun together.  As you can see, they have fun together. So, you ready to learn how to [...]

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Info for You – 10/22/21

As you may or may not have heard.  Microsoft® has released its newest version of Windows, Windows 11.  Although you don't need rush out and get the newest version.  However, until mid-2022 you can upgrade your Windows 10 to 11 if your computer will support it. Therefore, to help you determine if you can or [...]

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Words of Wisdom – 10/20/21

Having an education grants you the ability to appreciate life more.  It does this by ensuring you have the resources to spend time on things you enjoy.  Therefore, the time has come to continue your education.  So let our instructors and staff give you the power to find your new career. To begin, check out [...]

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Program Spotlight – 10/19/21

Is your "thing" or passion computers?  Then why not make that your career.  As they saying goes "Do what you love and love what you do."  With our Network Engineer program, you can do just that. To begin with most of our courses will help you prepare to take an industry certification.  These certifications include [...]

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