A look back at some of our students who attended a while ago.

Throwback – 12/4/21

In this week’s trip in the way back machine, we are heading to 2016.  So, as you can see above out students are rocking their most "unique" Christmas tops.  Some are not too bad, but some are defiantly not washing machine friendly.  At least everyone showed their holiday spirit.  Hopefully, if you are not already, [...]

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Throwback – 11/20/21

For this week’s trip down memory lane, we head to 2019.  Although they are not having traditional Thanksgiving food.  We can see students and staff having a Thanksgiving potluck at our Fairview Campus.  Just like any gathering, it is the social interaction that matters most.  Therefore, we hope you have a good time celebrating this [...]

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Throwback – 11/13/21

This week our way back machine is heading to 2015.  We are still at our Alton campus this week and get to see more of what our students do.  Although the "patients" are not real, the lifesaving CPR techniques they are getting certified in are real.  Here they are learning how to do chest compressions [...]

Throwback – 11/6/21

In this week's trip in the way back machine, we head to 2014.  Although our Practical Nursing students spend a lot of time in the classroom, they spend time together out of it.  Sometimes they hang out at local restaurants, outside of school, and in their lab.  Then when they are done having fun, they [...]

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Throwback – 9/18/21

  The way back machine is making a short jump this week back to July 2020.  Although it is a short jump, it sure doesn't feel like it was just last year.  We see some of our Medical Assistant students at our Fairview campus practice blood draws with their instructor Ella.  In addition to learning [...]

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Throwback – 8/28/21

The way back machine is staying at our Fairview Heights campus this week.  We jump back to June 2015 where we can see some Medical Assistant students learning CPR.  However, they will not just CPR, but also how to give injections, draw blood, and much more.  Not to mention they will also use these skills [...]

Throwback – 8/21/21

After refueling the way back machine, it is time to get some fuel for ourselves.  Thus, this week, the way back machine is taking us to a potluck at the Fairview Heights campus in March of 2017.  As you can see there is plenty of food for our CALC Community and ourselves.  Additionally, students from [...]

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