Adult Education and Family Literacy Week 2021 | Helpful Information *Picture of man reading a book with multiple "S" shaped book shelves around him*

This week is Adult Education and Family Literacy Week. The goal of this week is to raise awareness about the importance of adult education and family literacy.  In fact, around 36 million adults in the U.S. struggle with basic academic skills.  Thus, making it more difficult for them to reach their educational and work-related goals.  Are you looking for help in improving yourself or someone you know?  Then read Illinois workNet Center’s article on how to “Give Yourself a New Lease on Life”.

Afterward, check out our Program page and see which will help you reach your goals.  Our programs are for people with life commitments that prevent them from attending traditional classes.  Next Contact Us to learn more and schedule an appointment to visit one of our campuses.  Many of our programs have classes forming now.  Additionally, you may qualify for financial aid or grants to help pay for your education.

Now is the time to start down the path towards your goals!  We look forward to having you become a member of the CALC Community.