Program Spotlight: Reatial & Hospitality | Average Salary $27,320 | Average hourly rate $13.13 | Number of jobs in 2020 4,092.900 | Grants available for those who qualify | Career training to build and develop relationships with any businesses' clients *Image of sales clerk handing a bag to a couple while inside a clothing store.

Have you worked in retail or hospitality but were let go due to the pandemic?  Are you looking to go back, but in a supervisory role?  Then our Retail and Hospitality program can help.  Although it is only an eight (8) week course it is full of useful knowledge and skills.

First you will learn how to utilize technology found in retail and hospitality environments.  This will include Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Next you will learn skills to become effective in communicating with fellow associates and customers.  You will also learn effective customer service skills. This will help you provide excellent service to your clients.

To begin the application process, Contact Us today.  You will then speak with an admission counselor.  They will be able to answer your questions.  Additionally, they can schedule a time to tour one of our campuses’.

We look forward to having you join us!