Program Spotlight: Medical Office Specialist | Average Salary $45,240 | Average hourly rate $21.75 | Prejected job growth over next 9 years 9% | Finanical aid and grants available for those who qualify | Career training to become an intergral part of any mediclal billing office. *Picture of lady with headset working on medical files with a doctor in the background looking at a file.*

Do you want a career in the growing medical field, but blood makes you a little squeamish?  Then a career as a billing and coding specialist maybe just what you’re looking for.  Therefore, you should check out our Medical Office Specialist program.

Although, you will learn different medical terminologies, you will also learn in-depth about health insurance and the different codes used for billing.  Additionally, you will learn how to utilize different office technologies.  This will include Microsoft Office and electronic health records.  Lastly, you could complete you courses in less than a year.

With classes forming soon, now is the time to Contact Us and meet with an admission counselor.  They can answer any questions you have and schedule a campus visit.  Also, with evening classes, you can attend school without it interfering with your current job.

We look forward to seeing you join our next class.