Program Spotlight: Administative Specialist | Career training to become an intergral part of any business office. *Picture of lady in red shirt and black slack with glasses and a pony tail grabbing documents off of a copier*

Did you know that almost every office and company rely on the work of Administrative Specialist?  Usually, these are the people you talk to when you call an office.  Also, they are usually the backbone of an effective business.

So why would you want to become an Administrative Specialist?  First, you can use your existing knowledge in a new way.  Since most places have office staff, being able to use existing knowledge of an industry give you a leg up on others.  Second, most will work in an office environment.  This means you won’t be working in the weather or on a sales floor.  Third, you will traditionally work a standard work schedule.  Meaning you will have your weekends with your family.

Are you ready to get the skills and knowledge to become an Administrative Specialist?  Then check out how our program will prepare you for this exciting career by clicking here.  After you check out everything our program will teach you, Contact Us.  An admission counselor will be able to answer any questions you have.  With classes forming soon, start off the new year learning your new career.