Program Spotlight: Network Engineer | Average salary $55,510 | Average Hourly Rate $26.69 | Projected job growth over next 9 years 9% | Financial aid and grants available for those who qualify | Career training to become integral part of any I.T. Department *Picture of a server rack with network cables running between switches and routers and someone plugging a cable in*

If recent events have shown us, technology is an important part of everyday life.  So, jobs that help ensure the continued use of technology will only grow.  Therefore, our Network Engineer program can help you get a job in this in-demand career.

As part of our Network Engineer program, you will learn different aspects of computers.  This includes computer repair, networking, servers, security, and web development.  Additionally, our courses will help prepare you to get industry certifications from CompTIA, Cisco, and Microsoft.

Are you ready to start learning your new career?  First check out all the information about the program on our Network Engineer page.  Then, Contact Us and let us know that you’re interested.  An admission counselor will be able to anwser your questions and schedule a tour of your campus.

Lastly, with day and evening classes available, your class time can fit within your schedule.  We look forward to having you join our community.