Retail and Hospitality Program

Employers want to attract and retain high quality employees. This is especially true in the retail and hospitality industry. Ensure you are equipped to provide the best impression. CALC Institute of Technology’s Retail and Hospitality programs prepare individuals to perform operations associated with a variety of retail sales, hospitality and office settings.

  • Opportunities in Retail and Hospitality are growing.
  • Qualified Employees in the Retail and Hospitality Industry are in High Demand.
  • Businesses Need Qualified Professionals as they phase back in to normal operations.

Retail and Hospitality – Technology:

Objective:  Prepares individuals to provide basic administrative support under the supervision of office managers, administrative assistants, secretaries, and other office personnel. Students will learn skills to function in today’s business environment with emphasis on word processing, spreadsheet applications, Windows operating system and presentation graphics.  Program is will help individuals in various administrative occupations in retail, hospitality and other related occupations.

Retail and Hospitality – Communications/Customer Service:

Objective:  Prepares an individual to possess skills associated with direct promotion of products and services to potential customers. Instruction includes consumer psychology, image projection, interpersonal communications, sales organization and operations, customer relations, professional standards, and applicable technical skills. Students will learn skills to function in today’s business environment with emphasis on communication, customer service and career skills; including how to prepare a professional resume.

Retail and Hospitality students attend full-time (18 hours per week) for 4 weeks per Course of Instruction.  Contact us for upcoming start dates.

Course of Instruction Clock Hours
Retail and Hospitality – Technology 72
Retail and Hospitality – Communications/Customer Service 72

Admission Criteria
Student must be a High School graduate or possess a GED (or equivalent)

Graduation Requirements
Students in programs must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0