CALC, Institute of Technology provides a fair process for resolving student grievances.  Most problems or complaints that students may have with the school or its administration can be resolved through a personal meeting with the school staff.

Step 1 – Students must first make a reasonable effort to resolve the issue on an informal basis with their instructor or administrative personnel.  Mediation may be utilized by the parties involved in the dispute at any time in the process.

Step 2 – If, however, step one does not bring the situation to a close to the satisfaction of students, they may submit a written complaint to the Director.  The written complaint should contain:

  1. the nature of the problem(s),
  2. approximate date(s) that the problem(s) occurred,
  3. name(s) of the individual(s) involved in the problem(s) – staff and/or other students,
  4. copies of important information regarding the problem(s),
  5. evidence demonstrating that the institution’s complaint procedure was followed prior to this point in time, and
  6. student signature.

Students may, of course, call the School Director to schedule an appointment at any time if they prefer not to follow the written complaint procedure.

The school will provide a resolution within 30 days.  A grievant who is not satisfied with a decision at one level may appeal the grievance to the next level of authority. The Owner/President of CALC, Institute of Technology is the final authority in any grievance. Information and discussions concerning the resolution of a grievance will be maintained in as confidential a manner as possible so as to protect the interests of all parties.

If a student’s questions or concerns are not resolved to the student’s satisfaction, complaints against this school may be registered with the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE).  IBHE provides an online complaint system at accessible through the agency’s homepage ( The IBHE online complaint site includes step-by-step instructions and key information about the complaint process.

Illinois Board of Higher Education
Division of Private Business & Vocational Schools
1 N. Old State Capitol Plaza, Suite 333
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1394
Phone: (217) 782-2551

And/or students from any campus may register a complaint with the Council on Occupational Education at the following address:

Executive Director
Council on Occupational Education
7840 Roswell Road, Building 300
Suite 325
Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone: (770) 396-3989