Student E-mail

CALC provides an e-mail system for the use of the students of CALC in their school related activities. This will be the primary way in which information will be e-mailed to students included course materials, school communications including timely warnings, financial aid, and additional information related to your studies at CALC

Any person who uses the CALC e-mail system consents to all of the provisions of the Student Email Policy and agrees to comply with the entire policy, polices set forth in the Course Catalog, and with all applicable state, federal and international laws and regulations.


A complete copy of the Student E-mail Policy can be found by clicking here.

Access and Setup

You can access your email by clicking the following link or typing in any web browser:  You will enter your email address given to you and your password.  (If this is your first time logging into your email, you will use the password provided.)

If you are new or unfamiliar to how to use Outlook on the web the following article from Microsoft will provided training that should assist you:  Using email in Outlook on the web.

There is an Outlook app available for both Android and iOS phones.  To set up this app to check your CALC email, please refer to the following articles:  If you are using a different email app, please refer to Microsoft or the app designer on how to setup access to your email in that app.

Android:  Set up email in the Outlook for Android app

iOS:  Set up email in the Outlook for iOS app