Welcome – January 2022!

We are excited to meet our new Medical Assistant Students Jessica and Breeonna We are excited to welcome new students Jessica and Breeonna to our Alton campus!  They began the new year on a path to a new career! Thank you both for choosing CALC’s Medical Assistant program as a stepping stone [...]

Congratulations Medical Assistant Graduate

Join us in congratulating our newest graduate at our Alton campus. We are so happy Melissa chose CALC’s Medical Assistant program to kick start her new career!  May you have a blessed and successful 2022 Melissa! Good luck! Are you ready to be like Melissa?  If so, check out our Medical Assistant program to [...]

Community Update – 1/3/22

We want to take this moment to acknowledge that Randas became a Registered Medical Assistant.  Randas graduated from our Medical Assistant program.  He was able to find time in his schedule to attend morning classes in Alton.  So, want to congratulate him on achieving his goal.  Good luck in your new career! Are you looking [...]

Throwback – 12/18/21

To wrap up this year’s travels in time, we are visiting two years.  Although we are in 2015 and 2016 this year, the theme for both visits are the decoration of doors for Christmas.  As you can see our students in Alton definitely had some good ideas to make these humble doors more festive.  So, [...]

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Program Spotlight – 11/30/21

Looking to start a career in the medical field?  If so, then you should consider a career as a medical assistant.  With our Medical Assistant program, we will prepare you for a in demand career that is critical to patient care.  Although, if you are like most people, you may not know what all a [...]

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October Perfect Attendance

We are happy to share with you our students who had perfect attendance for October 2021.  Although it may not seem much to some, it really is a big accomplishment.  First, these students got to school on time each day for class.  Then they made sure to not let any conflicts that arose in their [...]

Welcome to CALC – 11/15/21

Introducing our newest Network Engineering student, Kylie!  Although she has her hands full outside of the classroom, she manages to have time for class.  Kylie is currently attending classes at our Alton campus.  Even though she has not been with us long, she has already made good progress.  Therefore, join us in welcoming her to [...]

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Throwback – 11/13/21

This week our way back machine is heading to 2015.  We are still at our Alton campus this week and get to see more of what our students do.  Although the "patients" are not real, the lifesaving CPR techniques they are getting certified in are real.  Here they are learning how to do chest compressions [...]

Kori just Graduated!

We are proud to announce that Kori just graduated!  Kori was a Network Engineer student at our Alton campus.  Although there were many challenges that arose in her life, she persevered.  In fact, she was able to earn her A+, Network+, and working on her Security+ certifications.  Additionally, she was interviewing for a job in [...]

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