New Year’s 2022

Happy New Year's from the CALC Community.  May the new year bring you peace, joy, and happiness! Is one of your 2022 resolutions learning the skills to change careers?  Then let us help you keep that resolution.  With programs in some of the hottest careers, we will prepare you for your new career.  So don't [...]

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Info for You – 12/31/21

Have you ever wondered why "Auld Lang Syne" is sang during new year's?  Then check out "The History of Popular New Year's Traditions" by Tuan Nguyen.  In this article, you will learn where this and other new year's traditions originate from. Another tradition is making new year's resolutions.  Have you made the resolution to get [...]

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Info About Kwanzaa

Although most everyone has at least heard about Kwanzaa, few know more than its name.  To better help those who don't know much about it we wanted to help out.  First it is a celebration of African-American culture.  Additionally, it starts on December 26th and culminates on January 1st.  You can learn more by reading [...]

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Holiday Decorating – 2021

Its beginning to a lot more festive at CALC!  To begin with, our students and staff are fully decorating our Fairview Campus.  You can definitely tell everyone has the holiday spirit. So, are you looking to start a new career and have fun while doing it?  Then you have found the right school.  Most of [...]

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Info for You – 12/3/21

חנוכה שמח (Happy Hanukkah).  This past Sunday at sundown began the eight days of Hanukkah.  Therefore, since most people do not know much about the holiday, we wanted to share some info with you.  While most people think Hanukkah is just a Jewish Christmas, that is far from the truth.  So, to help you learn [...]

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Thanksgiving – 2021

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from the CALC Community.  Although, you may not have all you want in life, be thankful for what you do have.  Then if there is something you want to change, start making plans.  New Years and its resolutions are quickly approaching. So, if learning a new career is something you [...]

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Veteran’s Day – 2021

We want to celebrate the sacrifice our veterans made for us and our nation.  Although you all answered the call for different reasons, you all served with distinction.  So, to each of you and your family, we want to thank you for your service. Are you looking to continue your education?  If so, we can [...]

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Costumes in Fairview

Hope everyone had a fun and festive Halloween this year.  This past Thursday, student at our Fairview Heights campus got dressed up in their Halloween best.  So, as you can see there were some very creative costumes this year.  Thereby, making it a very spooky day around campus.  Comment below which is your favorite one. [...]

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Halloween 2021

Wishing all of the ghost, ghouls, and fairytale creatures a Happy Halloween!  Although it might be tempting, try not to eat all your candy in one night! Looking to learn more about Halloween, its past and traditions?  Then click here. Want to make sure you have a fun and safe Halloween this year?  Then check [...]

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