Tip Tuesday – 5/4/21

Thinking about changing your career or want to learn something new? To make sure your prepared, make sure you read "8 Tips for Going Back to School as an Adult" by Carrie Kirby. Once you have and are ready to start making your plans, check out the different programs we offer here.

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Tip Tuesday – 4/27/21

It is hard to keep track of all of your doctors instructions, recommendations, and medications. As a result of this, most medical offices offer a system known as a Personal Health Record (PHR) to help you be active in your care. To further explain PHR's check out the article from the Mayo Clinic [...]

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Program Spotlight – 4/19/21

An administrative specialist is not just someone who assist executives in performing their job, they also ensure the office runs smoothly. They also are usually the "face" of a company as they are the ones clients first speak to usually. If you like to help people, build relationships with clients, and keep things [...]

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Tip Tuesday – 3/30/21

The 2021 job market is like no other any of use has ever experienced. The pandemic has shifted how all aspects of a workplace function, including how jobs are filled. In an article by Forbes staff writer Lisa Rowan, learn 6 practical tips you need to look for a job in a pandemic.  🔍 CALC [...]

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Program Spotlight – 3/22/21

Introducing our Retail and Hospitality Program!  This program is for those that have been working in the retail and hospitality and want to move up with their employer.  We work with local business so see if yours is one of them.  Check out our Retail and Hospitality page to learn more.  If you have additional [...]

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Medical Monday – 3/15/21

With most people getting ready to do some spring cleaning around the house, why not do some for your health. In the article "5 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Health" from Time you can freshen up your health.  🩺 After you read this article, why not freshen up your career by looking into one [...]

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