Newest Fairview Students!

  These are our newest medical assistant students (Lathisha, LaToya, and Sirena) at our Fairview campus along with their instructor (Ms. Ella). Welcome to the CALC Community, we know you all do great!  🎊 🎉 If you want to be like them, check out our Medical Assistant program.

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Program Spotlight – 4/12/21

Remember the last time you went to see your doctor and the person who took you into the exam room and took your vitals and was helping your doctor? That person was a Medical Assistant and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for Medical Assistants will grow 19% between 2019 - [...]

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Jan ’21 Perfect Attendance

Let's give a round of applause to the following students who had perfect attendance for January in our Fairview Heights Campus.  Keep up the excellent work!  👏 This could be you, Contact Us today to learn more about our programs.

Meet Olivia and Carly!

The CALC community is proud to welcome the newest Medical Assistant students at our Alton campus. We are glad that Olivia and Carly have join us.  🎊 🎉 If you are interesting in starting a career as a Medical Assistant, check out our Medical Assistant page.

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Meet our newest Medical Assist. Students!

Welcome to our newest medical assistant student in Fairview Heights!  🎉 🎊 To be like Nicole, Juanisha, Miata, and Joi; click here to learn all about our Medical Assistant program.

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Welcome our newest Medical Assist. students!

We want to take this moment to welcome Erika and Joylisa to the CALC community. 🙌 Erika and Joylisa have joined our evening Medical Assistant class in Fairview Heights. To learn more about what our Medical Assistant program can offer you, click here.

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Medical Monday – 2/1/21

Do you get more sleep at night with a new or full moon?  🌙 Find out by reading how your sleep could be dictated by the phases of the moon from CNN.  Learn what else can affect your sleep by joining one of our medical courses by visiting our program page.

Students with perfect attendance in October

Congratulations to our CALC October perfect attendance students: Juliet, Ivon, Tiffany, Jaliah, Stephanie & AvonJane’.  Not pictured, Mike, Serenity, Karniesha, Kristina, Anna & Clintell.