Info for You – 11/19/21

Have you started getting ready for Thanksgiving?  It can be a daunting task, especially if you're hosting for friends and family.  Therefore, we found some tips that should help, especially if you are out of practice.  Check out "15 Genius Hostess Trick to Make This the Easiest Thanksgiving Ever" by Betty Gold.  With these tips, [...]

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Info for You – 11/12/21

Are you looking to a unique astrological event?  Then you should check out the partial lunar eclipse.  The longest eclipse of the century will be occurring next week.  Although it will actually start on Thursday (11/18/21) evening, the peak will occur early Friday (11/19/21) morning.  Looking for more information about the eclipse?  Make sure to [...]

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Info for You – 11/5/21

Daylight savings time ends this Sunday (11/7/21) at 2:00 am.  So, make sure before you go to bed Saturday night you "fall" back all your clocks.  Although many are calling for the end of daylight savings time, the debate on to stay on standard or daylight time is still being discussed.  Therefore, check out the [...]

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Info for You – 10/29/21

Are you ready for all the ghost and goblins sighting this Sunday?  Either way, Halloween is just a couple days away.  Therefore, check out "The Ultimate Safety Guide for Halloween 2021" by Emily VanSchmus.  This will help ensure you have a fun and safe Halloween this year. Also don't let the kids be the only [...]

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Info for You – 10/22/21

As you may or may not have heard.  Microsoft® has released its newest version of Windows, Windows 11.  Although you don't need rush out and get the newest version.  However, until mid-2022 you can upgrade your Windows 10 to 11 if your computer will support it. Therefore, to help you determine if you can or [...]

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Helpful Info – 9/10/21

With the unofficial end of summer now past, it is time to start preparing for fall.  Although for many people the return of their favorite pumpkin spice product is the highlight of fall.  Fall is the time to wrap things up from summer and prepare for the upcoming winter.  Therefore to help you plan what [...]

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Helpful Info – 8/6/21

Do you know how to treat common injuries that occur at home?  Unless you are one of our medical students, that answer is probably no.  Therefore, we recommend checking out "10 Basic First Aid Procedures" by Rod Brouhard, EMT-P.  As a result of reading this, you should know what to do in case of choking, [...]

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Tip Tuesday – 6/1/21

You got an interview for your dream job. Next, it is time to prepare for your interview. Start by checking out the article "21 Job Interview Tips: How to Make a Great Impression" from Indeed Editorial Team. In summary, they will tell you want to do and prepare for to make a [...]

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