Welcome and Good Luck! | Meet our newest Network Engineer student in Alton Kylie *Picture of Kylie with a colonial blue background*

Introducing our newest Network Engineering student, Kylie!  Although she has her hands full outside of the classroom, she manages to have time for class.  Kylie is currently attending classes at our Alton campus.  Even though she has not been with us long, she has already made good progress.  Therefore, join us in welcoming her to the CALC community.  We know you will do great!

Would you like to be like Kylie?  If so, it is easy to do.  First, check out all the programs we offer by viewing our program page.  Here you will see all the programs we offer.  Then when you find one you’re interested in, Contact Us.  When you do, an admission counselor will reach out and answer any questions you have.  Additionally, they will schedule a time for you to tour your future campus.  Lastly, with flexible schedule times for most classes it is easy to find the time to attend class without effecting your life.